Adjusting Attitudes Towards Gaming

The other day I overheard a conversation between a few adults who were talking about teenagers today, and at some point I heard one of them mention videogames upon which all the others let out a collective sigh. I realized that they were probably annoyed with videogames and how their own children used them, but in our day and age where gaming has become a popular hobby there are plenty who think it is doing more harm than good. Along with this we see plenty of people who will hear that you play videogames and immediately assume that you are lazy or sheltered because of that. Today I want to talk about why this sort of attitude is bad and how people can simply accept videogames into their daily lives.

            If you are a Millennial reading this, more than likely your parents have only ever played on classic consoles or perhaps they even just went to arcades and played games there occasionally. As we all know since then things have changed in major ways. Games are extremely interactive, providing deep challenges and some will present a story to the player in a way that makes them feel immersed as if they were a part of a movie. On top of that with Virtual Reality becoming more popular and the technology improving, videogames are only getting more involved. Because of this, we spend more time playing and watching videogames than we ever have before, which is probably concerning to those who are not used to them.

            These concerns should be taken into consideration, because videogames when played in excess can have different effects, especially for younger minds. In addition, they can cause addictive behaviors if players develop bad habits. However, even when you recognize issues that may come up, it doesn’t mean that videogames will always have negative effects on the players, and this concern is the root of the issues here. So to adjust your frame of mind, one has to recognize the benefits of playing videogames.

New Mindset: There Are Benefits To Gaming

            There are many articles explaining all sorts of benefits to playing videogames, with a few examples being they improve hand-to-eye coordination, they improve your decision making abilities, and they help you connect to like-minded individuals. But seeing these lists won’t just change someone’s mentality by themselves, because this issue is a little deeper than that. Videogames have progressed very rapidly and, like other things that have advanced in a similar fashion, it takes time for people to adjust. And I would argue that there is a mentality set in people’s minds that if you aren’t doing some sort of physical activity then you are wasting time. Also keep in mind that there was a time where people thought that reading was a poor way to spend your time, since then we now realize there are many benefits to reading, so videogames could be the next thing that people will grow to accept.

            I encourage readers to take some time to reflect on how they spend their time, regardless of whether you play videogames or not it is important to keep this in mind when you judge others for how they spend their time. Overall videogames are an excellent platform for players to have fun, improve skills, and join a community of people who are interested in the same thing. If those sound like bad things, then I suppose I’ve lost track of what good things are. Just like reading, playing sports, and making art, videogames are an excellent way to spend time and enjoy yourself. Just be careful not to ignore those around you, because people always come before hobbies.

Author: Joseph Musgrove