Cards To Use In ALMOST Any Modern/EDH Deck (Part 1)

We are back with more analysis on the world's most beloved trading card game — Magic: The Gathering! A game like magic that has been around for such a long period of time must appeal to a wide audience. With new sets being released more quickly than ever, sometimes it can hard to keep up, especially for players who've been around for a while. This is why there is such an appeal to play eternal formats, most commonly Modern and EDH (or commander). If you are new to magic and enjoy picking up intro decks from Wal-Mart, the Standard format might be more up your alley.

In this article, we will begin to tackle some of the greatest cards to use if you are new to magic, or are frugal with your funds. It has been said many times: magic is a luxury hobby. I would agree with this statement. Magic is comparable to growing a collection of Legos (have you seen how expensive Legos are?) Magic cards are just made out of cardboard, it us understandable why many people aren't comfortable investing thousands in a tier-one legacy or modern deck. However, there are some viable alternatives to the cards most frequently used in every given format. There is sometimes a stigma against cards such as these, because people assume that if pro-players aren't using them, then they must not be viable. As you might expect, we are here to prove otherwise.

So, without further ado, here is the list...


1. Dolmen Gate

Now, I should make a reference to the title of this article. Obviously, there are very few cards in magic that can actually be ran in any deck. It is more like, these cards can be used in a lot of decks — and it helps because I will be talking exclusively about artifacts.M

Dolmen Gate would be ideal in a deck that focuses on combat, this is pretty self explanatory. But how else could we abuse this card? Well, just imagine if you ran it with creatures that have abilities similar to Juggernaut that have to attack each turn, or perhaps abilities that trigger when the creature attacks (like Combat Celebrant). These are just some ideas for you to being exploring.

2 & 3. Mimic / Automation

SS 2018-04-14 at 10.29.17 PM.png

Ah, yes. Metallic Mimic and Adaptive Automation. These can be great budget options for tribal decks. Just imagine a new player: deciding to get into magic, having no cards to compose their collection... where should they start? Well, lands. But honestly, it is cards like these that I would put as a strong runner-up for second place. This would probably be best exploited in a deck that causes a lot of creatures enter the battlefield (in turn triggering the mimic). Possibly something like lingering souls



4. Cloud Key

This card has personally tempted me while brewing decks, for quite some time now. Anything that reduces mana costs seems to always have an added potential to be broken. I've had thoughts about pairing it with cards like Etherium Sculptor and Chief of the Foundry to make a sort of artifact tribal deck. Definitely seems viable, at least in the realm of casual/budget decks.

If you can find a glaring way to abuse this card, please let me know. I'm sure there is a way... and if this synergy does not exist, it will one day.



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