Cards To Use In ALMOST Any Modern/EDH Deck (Part 2)

Just tuning in? This is the second part of a 2-part article. If you missed it, take a look at part 1!

Now, let's take a look at the rest of the list...


5. Spellskite

Definitely the most mainstream card on this list, and the most expensive (as of the time this article was written).

Just look at this bad boy. Many MTG enthusiasts have written about him prior to me. 0/4 so not only does it dodge Lightning Bolt, but if you have a different creature on the battlefield that has less toughness, Spellskite can EAT THE BOLT. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Also, steal buffs that your opponent tries to play on their creatures. It's a lot of fun.



6. Door of Destinies

Certainly a "fun" card to play around with. The reason it doesn't see more play is that it is a 4-drop with a cumulative effect (adding counters for each creature that enters the battlefield). Assuming you play this on turn 4 or even turn 3, by that time you may already have multiple creatures in play. In addition, more so for the Modern format, it is simply too slow to be effective. Like by turn 4 or 5, most Modern games are wrapping up. However, if you plan on making a tribal EDH deck, this is the way to go! 




7. Eldrazi Monument

You'll want some fodder to sacrifice to this one each turn. But can you make it worth it for you in the long run? Absolutely, yes. Consider something like Blood Artist. Suddenly sacrificing creatures doesn't feel quite so bad, aye? What if you sacrificed creatures that didn't die easily, like Young Wolf or Butcher Ghoul? There are always strategies that can be used when deck-building to lessen the downsides of other cards, or you could even view this as a GOOD thing. Or, this is also referred to a "sac-outlet". Take a look at this article that I wrote previously, it talks about this subject a little bit.


8. Pithing Needle

At one point it felt like this was ran in Modern sideboards more frequently — before the days of Damping Sphere and all of these other fancy sideboard cards. In this light, Pithing Needle is definitely a card to be brought in only once you know what you're up against. It makes almost 0 sense to mainboard it, unless you're running a deck that has the luxury of seeing your opponent's hand frequently.

It's a lot of fun in EDH to hate on commander's abilities, or just help in a situational moment during a multiplayer battle.



In conclusion, these are certainly options for more budget or janky decks. But in my opinion, one of the main goals of MTG should be to have fun... and casual magic with friends at the kitchen table is some of the best memories I have playing Magic! 

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