What is Blood Moon Media?

Magic: The Gathering, Art by Franz Vohwinkel: "Blood Moon"

Magic: The Gathering, Art by Franz Vohwinkel: "Blood Moon"

Playing games is great, but we have a passion for creating content.  We enjoy expressing our love for the games and other franchises that we partake through publishing opinions, insightful content, and helpful articles!

Among the artists, authors, and creative persons who contribute to the website, there are a variety of passions.  Magic: The Gathering being the focus of Evan Davis, who owns and created Blood Moon Media.  Video games, music, writing, tabletop games — none are off limits.

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A Platform for others

We are a platform for content creators to showcase their work, and even promote those who already have an established following.  Through doing this, Blood Moon continues to develop its identity in the realm of popular culture and find its niche.